gh-pages do not show at Branches drop down menu

I am watching an old version of GitHub at a Coursera course and I am stuck at this step.

‘‘Now when you created the GitHub pages. 
Let’s go back to our repository, we’ll click on this, coursera-test. 
So now know when you created that link, 
what you actually did is you created a separate branch…So, the way you see what branches you have is, 
by right here branch and right now it says it’s master. 
If you click on it you’ll see that there’s another branch here that 
actually wasn’t there before. 
If we opened it up before we would’ve seen only master. 
But now there’s another one called gh pages. 
If you click on that gh pages, 
you’ll see all this stuff here you really didn’t put in here before. 
Well this stuff is that website that was created for you. 
So that index.html is that big page with the giant green banner that you’ve seen’’ 

Where is all these? I chose a theme but then what ?

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Hey Sofia, I suggest checking out it’s the best step by step guide to getting GitHub pages working on your repo. 

I am not sure from your post what steps you have already done so if the guide above does not help can you please provide specifics as to where in the process you are? 

Hey! I’m also facing the same issue with github pages. If you found a solution to this problem can you please post it in the ‘reply’ section. Thanks!

P.S. Im also following the same Web development Coursera Course :slight_smile:

Hey @byteme03, is the issue you are facing that you cant see the gh-pages branch on the drop-down list of branches? If that’s true, then you have not created the branch yet.