GH Pages Branch: Deployment Status Pending/Abandoned

Hi All,

I recently deployed a GH Pages branch using CircleCI. The branch has always deployed successfully, with a Deployment Status of Active, however today, the Deployment Status goes to Pending for a while, and then to Abandoned. After several hours and another commit from CircleCI, the status changed back to Active. I’ve checked the web and cannot seem to find anyone else who’s encountered this issue. My CircleCI steps have all completed successfully with no changes to my code or repository.

I wanted to find out what the root cause of this could be in case I run into it again.

Could someone kindly advise what could be the cause of the Pending and Abandoned statuses?



me too,
I can’t found details about the Status Pending/Abandon.

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me too… watching should a reason/solution manifest.

I see the pending message then finally abandoned too. But for me, it does appear to have deployed and I can see my updated site.

Previously I had no issues with deployment and having done a minor change, I now see this.

Note that it’s worth mentoning that I’m adding a .nojekyll to the pages root to bypass jekyll . I don’t need it and without bypassing it I get failures.

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I too can vouch that whilst my deployment shows as abandoned the URL gives the latest build.

Thanks for the pointer @robdeja-uniform

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The same thing happened to me today. My build had a pending status, which later turned into abandoned. Nevertheless, it still seems that everything worked fine, and my site updated itself to the newest build. All I did was some pretty minor changes in code so I couldn’t find a clear link to the root cause.

Thanks for the feedback. Yes I checked on my end and confirmed that the previous Deploy link still works.