GH community support for Markdown?

I’m surprised that the GitHub Community Forum editor only allows input as “RICH TEXT” or “HTML”. Many parts of the original GitHub site supports Markdown. In fact, GitHub has formally defined its own version of the format, known as “GitHub Flavored Markdown” (GFM).

I expected GFM to not only be supported on GitHub Community Forum, too, but that it would be the default input mode.

* Why isn’t Markdown or GFM supported here? * How can we convince GH to add GFM support?

PS: I used Markdown in this message to show my support for the format and with the hope that one day it will be supported and my message will be shown in the manner it deserves. Unfortunately, I had to use a few HTML line break elements in order to keep the formatting, but I’ve avoided any other elements.

PPS: I hate that the forum rich text editor kept “correcting” my text and “warning” me about it every time I click the “Post” button. It was fine! Leave it alone. The HTML editor is a little better, but it keeps silently reformatting my text, too.


@lsloan Thanks for the feedback on this! We are actually working on integrating Markdown into the Community Forum. This is just our first iteration of the Forum, and there are several features and changes we will be making to continually evolve and improve this space for users. 

I can’t provide a timeline for when Markdown will be added to the Community Forum, but rest assured that it’s high up on our list of things to improve here.

And if you have any other feedback or feature requests for the Community Forum, we’re taking those via email for the time being: In the future, we are looking to implement a tool in the Forum itself for taking feature requests like this, but for now, email is the best way to get those ideas on our radar.


Thanks for the rapid reply, @nadiajoyce. I hope we can use GFM here soon.

I found my way to GCF yesterday because I wanted to report a problem with GH. I was disappointed that I couldn’t find any way to open an issue about GH in GH and I was on my way to use the email contact. Then I saw the link to GCF and thought I’d give it a try.

I don’t like that other organizations (e.g., Google) provide fora as a replacement for customer service. I normally avoid using those fora, just on principle, because the other users in the fora may not know any more than I do and as volunteers, they’re not motivated to provide thorough, helpful answers. However, since GH seems to be more responsive and developer-friendly, I thought I’d give GCF a try. I hope my other post will get a useful reply soon, too.


@lsloan We’re glad you’re enjoying the Community Forum so far! 

The GitHub Community Forum is built with the main goal of giving a space for GitHub users to help one another. We can’t guarantee that you’ll always receive a response from a GitHub staff member, and there aren’t any guaranteed response times here in the Forum. That said, for questions that only a GitHub staff member can answer, we try to respond or direct users to our contact form as quickly as possible. If your question requires a GitHub staff member to respond, it will be answered as soon as possible.

Thank you for being here, and thank you for engaging and asking questions! 


I don’t think that GitHub Community, which runs on the Lithium Community platform, has support for  Markdown, let alone GitHub Flavoured Markdown. I know that there is a certain level of modification possible with Lithium Community based on some other community instances, but I’m not sure if a completely new text formatting processor is possible without special modifications.

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+1 to the above. I think that’s spot on. Updating.

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I’m curious to know some of the reasons why github decided to use Lithium Community platform instead of something like


@fanraymedia Github says, “We are absolutely committed to open source and did investigate open source tools, but they didn’t provide the feature set that we needed for this forum.”

@nadiajoyce do you know if there is a way to make a feature request to enhance GFM as a whole?  For example, adding the ability to utilize a superscript via the use of the “^” character would be exceptionally helpful.

@amkuchta For any feature requests about GitHub or GitHub products, you can reach out to us at A GitHub staff member will see those messages, respond to you, and get the feature request to the appropriate team(s).

Today is my first day on GH Community (can;t beleive I didn’t visit sooner…) and I was wondering the very same - and even found myself struggling with this Rich Text editor (try adding a link, and then continue writing your sentence after the link…).

Seeing this feature request has just recently passed its first year birthday - are there still high priority plans to implement this?

Hi @dannyben,

Thanks for checking in! Markdown is something that we would LOVE to have in the forum. However, it turned into a much bigger task to implement than we initially anticipated. We aren’t saying there won’t ever be a version of the forum that has Markdown as an option, but for the near future, it’s not something we’ll be able to implement. We understand that Markdown functionality is important to our users (and to us in our own workflows, too!), and we will certainly keep it top of mind for future iterations of the forum.

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That’s a big shame! :frowning: Markdown seems so natural to many, perhaps even more so than Rich Text. I’d also LOVE to see Markdown support in Github Community Forum, so if you feel that at any time there was anything I could do to help @nadiajoyce, please do lemme know! Would love to help out and contribute!

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Is it still high on the TODO list or has the can been kicked farther down the road?

Thank you for being here @louisjenkinscs !
I do not have a timeline for you but I did want to let you know that our team is definitely still looking into this feature.

Stay tuned @louisjenkinscs, we are actively working on this.


Thank you all for your interest and feedback! @louisjenkinscs You will notice that our team has been working to roll out some changes to the community forum on a new platform that allows for features such as Markdown support.