UX thought: Notifications at top of feed on main page

More than a year ago, I felt the main page was useless. Thus I wrote an userscript redirecting / to /notifications.

I used another profile, and stumbled upon the main page of GitHub.

The notification icon is too small to click, even on an HD screen. Its click box should be made larger. That’s another issue.

Anyway, it’d be neet, if the main page had the first page of notifications above the ‘dashboard’ / ‘All activity’ feed.

  • Moved ‘All activity’ lower, added notifications at the top
  • Showing only unread + read within n days. Max ~5.
  • Added the sorting buttons on the left as icons, they should expand to the left (covering recent activity) on hover.

Quick copy-pasta. Thoughts?

  • It looks cluttered, with too much stuff going on.
  • The middle section should be wider, getting too dense otherwise. The right side could be moved more to the right.
  • This definitely seems to work for 2k+ displays, not sure about FHD.
  • Opt-in or tabs? Should it even be implemented (cost of maintaining), if it’s not suitable for general non-technical use, people using gh. This as a 3rd-party extension?