GH Actions: push -> paths doesn't seem to work for single files?

I have this github action with push path triggers

I push a commit modifying 1 of these files , but the action does not trigger.

‘push-> paths’ works for single file on my end. Please fix the ‘bad indentation of a mapping entry’ for paths items, workflow is triggered successfully then.

Code as below:

      - 'stack.yaml'
      - 'stack.yaml.lock'
      - 'package.yaml'
      - 'custom-snapshot.yaml'
      - 'support/ci-base/**'


Ok thanks. It seems that paths-ignore was stopping it, even if I set it to ignore ‘v*’, which seems buggy as I am just pushing regular commits. I had an issue previously where pushing tags would trigger this build. Hopefully that won’t happen now.

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Hi @alistairb ,

Tags don’t ‘change’ files, so you cannot combine them with the ‘paths’ statement. It’s by design that regular commit didn’t trigger the workflow.