GH Actions Compiling iOS Stuck

Hello … I face a problem for a couple of days using GH actions for iOS .

when it reached to the end of compilation phase it stuck at a random step for ever . I tried to leave it for an hour but well… time is precious with Github limited minutes credit.

the last time I enabled the debug mode but it didn’t catch a lot sadly

here is a screen shot of what I see on the log screen … hope someone can give me a hint.

Is this running on a self-hosted macOS runner?

macOS is pretty bad for automation unfortunately as it tends to prop up a lot of GUI prompts, even during CLI commands. Its been a minute since I’ve worked on iOS automation so can’t think of any specific examples. But the compilation process will just hang and wait for the GUI prompt to be passed through.

Could be completely unrelated. Just offering a possibility.

it’s GH own machine … otherwise I would’ve be able to figure it out

I’ve had issues like this before - not ios though. They were all caused by an error in a script - your line 1539. Usually the script was trying to work with a file that didn’t exist, didn’t have the correct permissions, or the version of a executable/library on the actions platform was different and did not perform the task as expected/intended.

The only way around those issues was updating the scripts with debug lines to pinpoint exactly where something failed, and lots of trial&error runs. I recall one script took over 50 runs to fix. Annoying AF.