Getting Verified Action status for an existing action?

On a suggestion from a user, who made the very good point that some repos restrict what class of Actions can be run there, the FSFE (developers of fsfe/reuse-action) went and attempted to get Verified Creator status for reuse-action.

They succeeded in getting their organization established as Verified:


But the Action still doesn’t show up that way, even after making a new release to try and force a status update:


Is there anything they can do? Something they neglected to do? What exactly is the next step in this process, and who’s in charge of taking it?

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They need to first create a GitHub App or an OAuth App and get that verified and then you can carry around a check for your GitHub Action.

n.b. I haven’t had the energy to try to do this step, so my Action is stuck waiting for me to create one.