Getting the status of a badge from a private repository


I’m trying to get the status of a badge in a private repository, I’m doing this from an unauthenticated location and I’m receiving the expected 404 error message.

Can you tell me how should I add the access_token information to the GET method to actually be able to get its status?

Something like:
Still returns 404.

Also setting the token in the header in the request:

headers: {‘Authorization’: ‘token hhhh’,
Still returns 404.


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Unfortunately private badge statuses are not exposed with our current URL structure. Sorry about that!

We are working to update the documentation to reflect the limitations of accessing a private badge status from outside the repository:

We really appreciate feedback on how we can make GitHub even better and the best way to report any feature requests is directly to us through our feedback form:

Our roadmap is not publicly visible, so we recommend that you keep an eye on the GitHub Blog for the latest announcements about new features.

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