Getting the readme page despite having an index.html

I’m getting the readme page when I publish. I do have an index.html.

site: Termsheet | termsheet

repo: GitHub - jasonpaulchris/termsheet

Not sure what else to try at this point.


That repository looks like you don’t need the default Jekyll processing, so try adding a .nojekyll file to disable it as described here:

Thanks for the response. That did not work. My site builds fine locally. I’m not using a static site generator. I’m building with VS Code. Any other suggestions?

It looks like that repository is set up to serve from the main branch but your index.html file only exists on the master branch.

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thanks, I switched it to master and same thing.

I just check both your index.html and the page source of the rendered GitHub Page, it’s displaying the same thing, so the index.html is the one being read by the GitHub Page,

I tried locally the index.html and still is not working, it seems the scripts are not working or loading. I added a paragraph at the HTML body and its displaying, so it’s all about those scripts.

maybe it’s working on your local setup because it runs part of the script coming from local file/s from your local setup