Getting the list of teams for a repository using REST returns Not Found


I’ve been scratching my head around the following issue and maybe somebody has a clue.

Given a repository {owner}/{repo} in an Enterprise Cloud organization, I want to get its list of teams using the REST endpoint at - /repos/{owner}/{repo}/teams

I authenticate using a PAT having repo and read:org permissions, enable it for SSO for my organization.

This works fine when using a PAT linked to my personal account, but returns HTTP 404 Not Found when using another account.

Note that all other REST calls work fine, for all but /repos/{owner}/{repo}/teams

Thanks for any tip,

It seems the difference comes from the fact that one account is the Owner of the organization, the other only a Member.

Is there a way to grant permissions so that a non-owner of an organization can see the teams a repository belongs to using the REST API?