Getting started

Hello GitHub world!
I’m a very new newbie about to try and be the best developer I can be. Only first I need to start off right, and thought that asking this helpful community would point me in the best direction. My specific questions are a) Is there a best pattern in which I plan my courses as far as “learn this first, then that, after that then this, etc.” And b) if my initial thoughts are to form a career heavily based on UX/UI, would that dramatically change my course of action at this point? Or can I safely assume the general html,css,js route is the beginning of most if not all web development? Thank you very much in advance.

A) I should personally start with setting up a local web server and looking into the basics (what are URL’s, how does the internet work, etc. (but you probably already know a lot about that) ), then learning a bit of HTML / CSS / JS, and then maybe learning either more about web servers like making your own with Node.js or Go, or learning a framework like Django (with Python). But I don’t think there really is a right/wrong here - you can easily take a different route and should learn things your own way.

B) Well the general HTML / CSS / JS route is definitely the one you should take as you will probably need those languages in a UX/UI career (at least a little) and they are not hard to learn (especially HTML and CSS).