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We created this space for GitHub users and developers to ask questions, support one another, and share common topics of interest in an inclusive and safe environment. As a guest, you can browse and search for the information you need but will need to create an account to post questions, respond to other members, track discussions, and fully take advantage of your community experience.

To help get you started, Mona, the octocat has put together a list of important items for your review.

Code of Conduct

First and foremost, please read our Code of Conduct. All participants in the Community Forum will be expected to comply with it in all of their interactions within the Community, public or private. We work hard to provide and maintain a positive, productive, and fun atmosphere for all of our members; our Code of Conduct is key to that effort.

Additionally, please note that by participating in the Community Forum, you agree to the same Terms of Service you agree to when using

Tips + Tricks

  • Did you know that the GitHub Support Community supports Markdown? Use all of your favorite Markdown to display code and share images
  • Remember to pay it forward. Show your appreciation by giving :heart: to helpful posts, mark accepted solutions, or post thank-you replies. This will help others quickly navigate to the answer, and also boost your post(s) higher in the discussion rankings and list
  • Make sure your questions are clear and have enough context for the readers to respond. Even better if you can provide a screenshot or example of the issue!
  • When creating a new topic, try to place it into its corresponding category. This will ensure that experts in those specific categories will have eyes on your question

Forum Organization

To help you become acquainted with the different boards and how to use them, we’ve created a small directory of how the boards are organized and what you can expect out of each one.

  • Welcome and Announcements - Introduce yourself to other users, catch up on announcements, or ask questions about the GitHub Support Community
  • Events - Check out our upcoming GitHub-hosted or sponsored events
  • GitHub Help - For all your questions about Git and GitHub accounts, Pages, Dark Mode, Issues, Pull Requests, and Project Boards
  • Code to Cloud - For questions about Actions, Packages, and Codespaces
  • GitHub Ecosystem - The place for questions on building GitHub Apps or working with the GitHub API
  • GitHub Client Apps - For questions about GitHub’s Client Apps, CLI, Desktop, and Mobile
  • Education - Share feedback and ask questions about GitHub Learning Lab and GitHub Classroom
  • Software Development - For all your software development needs that don’t have to do with GitHub directly, as well as programming help and project development
  • Uncategorized - Questions and discussions that have been posted without an assigned category

Feedback & Account Help

The best place to submit feature requests and feedback is through feedback discussions so that our product team can track your request(s).

If you have questions that have to do with your personal data, account, or anything you wouldn’t want to be shared in a public forum, please send a message to our Support staff using our contact form.

Once again, welcome to the GitHub Community Forum. We’re so glad you’re here, and we look forward to helping you connect, learn, and grow with your fellow Community members!


будем работать над уровнем знания в данном вопросе


Thank you and other staff for making a beginners life much easier by really keeping it fluid upon entry. Well done.


I am still trying to figure out how can I post a question/topic on Github community. Is there doc/guide which can help a new community joiner like me.

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Hey @kaykay88! Can you let me know what exactly it is you are struggling with so I can help you better?


@ossanna16 The option to create a new post is missing.


Thank you for making me aware of this @MaxDiOrio. I updated the site settings and it should be ok now. Please let me know if there are any further issues.

I’m having the same issue…
How do you ask questions if you can’t post ???

I can’t find it either! :pleading_face::see_no_evil:

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I have the exact same issue. I cannot ask a question on the Community forum, since I can’t find the “Add Post” button anywhere !

This should work now!

This should work now!

This should work now!

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Thank you - I see the New Topic button! Now if I can only remember what I wanted to post about :joy:

Yay I’m glad it’s working :slight_smile: Oh no, I hope it will come back to you! I’m notorious for forgetting things, my Trello board is my lifesaver, haha.

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I was wondering if there is any post where we can find developers / partners to work together with on projects?

In my personal case, I am looking for a long term partner (CTO) for a business plan, but I notice that every post I make is stuck in pending status.

Hi @TradingCard and welcome! Feel free to open a topic for that :slight_smile: Please ping me if it shows up as pending and I can help with that.