Getting Started with GitHub: Stuck on Step 2

Am going through the Getting Started with GitHub course to preview it for a workshop I’m hosting. Currently stuck on step 2 because the bot doesn’t seem to recognise that I’ve enabled Pages. I’ve waited >1 hour. What can I do? 

Hi @megan-stamper! I took a look at your repository, and I see what you mean. I’m not exactly sure what caused that to happen, but I did manually move along your course to the next step. I also posted the instructions that the bot would have posted, if it were working correctly.

Now, if you follow those instructions, things should work as expected. If they don’t, let me know, and we’ll get to the bottom of it. :) 

I too am also experiencing this on every course I take that involves this particular step in setting up Github pages on the master branch.  It just sits there an the bot doesn’t advance.  Have you found any possible solution to this?

@davidfelts this is typically because the app is missing a permission it needs. You should have received an email saying Learning Lab was requesting additional permissions but I know those can be easy to miss. You can fix this by:

  1. Going to

  2. Click *Configure*

  3. Select the account from the list

4. Scroll down to the Permissions and Repository Access section and look for a notification that permissions need to be accepted.

Once you’ve done this, you should be able to disable and then re-enable pages to move forward in the course. Let us know if you are still having troubles after doing this!


Thanks! this solved my issue. I was literally stuck 2-3 hours deleting and re-creating the entire creation again and again.

Thank you! I had been stuck for a month.

I stuck on step 2, too. Follow “Activity: Enable GitHub Pages” steps, and I can visit the github page.
10 hours passed, I still stuck on step 2. I think this is a bug.

I can’t find the account list on step 3 when I finish step 2 and enter *Configure* page. Below is the page.

And of course I still stuck on github page step even I disable and then re-enable page option. Wanna cry.

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It is ok after half an hour, ignore my other replys. I sorry that I can’t delete my replys.

@ishowman it looks like you were able to move to the next step! Please let us know if you have any other difficulties.

@crichid I am also having this problem on “Introduction to GitHub” could you move me to the next step?

I’m also having this problem, please help.

I have tried the solution several times with no luck.