Getting started with GitHub Pages: Part one -- Publishing a single markdown file

Hi, I’m very new to Github and am trying to host a website on Github. I am using the Desktop app. I know that to put your site online, you have to publish your repository. However, I can’t find the button to do it on the new interface. I must be misunderstanding a simple concept, so sorry if this question is silly. Please help as soon as possible! Thanks in advance!

Hi this is Syncrafter again, due to some technical issues, I deleted my account and made a new one. Just letting everyone know. Please solve this issue as soon as possible.

When you’ve created a local repo and have it open in GitHub Desktop and want to publish it to GitHub, you can click the “Publish repository” button at the top of the window. This will create a new repository under your account with the contents of your local repo.

If you have further questions about GitHub Desktop, see their README under the heading “I have a problem with GitHub Desktop”: