Getting SSL "certificate verify failed (_ssl.c:581)" error on Windows action

Hi there,

I’m getting this error:
ERROR [SSL: CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED] certificate verify failed (_ssl.c:581)
on Windows using GitHub Actions, the issue doesn’t occur on my Linux and macOS actions.


Would you be able to link the repo you’re getting this problem on so we could see some context around the issue?

Here is the latest run on Windows:

At a glance that looks like the runner doesn’t have a CA installed that could verify the certificate. I notice that you install a certificate bundle in an earlier step, and the root CA for the certificate I see when I connect to is not part of that bundle. Maybe the problem is related to that?

I’ll try exporting and importing the certifcate for * and let you know if it works.

Still getting the same error. Here is my latest run