Getting random forks on my test repo, a similar repo with the actual code isn't as successful

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Within the last month my test repo was forked 8 times. Upon checking their accounts a lot of them seem to be from legit GitHub users. So far only one fork has done any kind of modification to the project.  

What baffles me is the test repo is literally a test repo. It has nothing worthy of justifying a fork. The discord logo you see there is made from this git repo which a) has existed longer b) has more stars and yet it has less forks.  

It absolutely makes no sense. Where are all the forks coming from on my test repo? I urge you to check the GitHub profiles. The majority of them seem to be from people who regularly commit on GitHub.

The test repo has more views, but less unique visitors. Referring sites on the test repo none.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not complaining about the forks. I’m just wondering where they are coming from and why?


Wow, that indeed is funny! I wouldn’t know why - maybe people just like random animated Discord logos?

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But why thetest repo and not the real repo?


I honestly wouldn’t know :slight_smile:

I honestly wouldn’t know :slight_smile:

I have experienced a similar problem, but from the opposite point of view. I frequently have to scroll through my list of repositories and remove all random forks that I never needed.

There must be something in GitHub’s user interface that makes it possible to accidentally fork someone else’s repository. At least, that’s what I suspect.

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