Getting Error uploading angular project to git pages

I did the following commands from the terminal on the project folder:
npm i -g angular-cli-ghpages
ng build --prod --base-href “"

My problem: I see error404 on the webpage :

How do I fix it that I could see my webpage ?

Thank you

Remember: you should always provide a link to the source repository of the website, so that the actual website files can be inspected.

There’s something wrong in the project because you’re building the website into the urigrossltdWebsite/ folder instead of the root folder:

Also, you might need to add an empty .nojekyll file to disable Jekyll and enable a static HTML website. In your terminal just type the following command in the website root (i.e. the gh-pages branch):

touch .nojekyll

For more info on the .nojekyll file see:

The above two should fix the issue, but you might also want to check again your GitHub Pages settings for the urigross/urigrossltdWebsite repository (in case something else is wrong). Bare in mind that you’re creating a user site, which has slightly different rules than repository websites.