Getting Developer keys

I am trying to get the developer keys in the github
Any suggestions how to get the developer keys and also, is the developer keys and personal access tokens are same?
I am so confused, Any help would be appreciated.

check this out,

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It’s probably just a naming confusion you have.
There are personal access tokens a user can add to their account under settings>developer settings>personal access tokens.
There are also SSH keys a user can add to their account under settings > SSH and GPG keys.

It is also possible to add a deploy key to a repository, this SSH key is not associated with a user account but to the repository itself.

There is not something called a ‘developer key’.

Hi all,
I am trying to find the developer key of the stackoverflow to use their api, but I didn’t able to find it. If their is no developer key, then what is the alternative for that i.e., how can I use the stackoverflow api then?
Any help or link regarding this, would be appreciated.

if I’m getting it correctly, this is the one you are looking for,

it says,