Getting crazy with this error! Please help me

I don’t know what else to do! can anyone help with this error!?

Just from the screenshot it’s impossible to provide a solution.
The error, as you can read, says, that “s” is not defined in Configuration.h

For the future, I suggest you to

  • set a proper thread title
  • describe your problem in detail
  • if possible, provide a source, e. g. a GitHub repository link

thank you for the response! it says motherboard iS not defined in Configuration.h, and on top is the line where it is defined. I’m sorry but i’m really new at this and i don’t know how to do a proper thread as describe in more detail the problem

Okay, dann your error message breaks a bit unusual.

If you’re using a framework or package, you can try to search on Stackoverflow for that error.

And as I already said, to get help, you need to provide more information.