Getting charged for data transfer from Packages to Actions

I was setting up CI with Actions and got an alert saying that I had surpassed the free amount of data transfer from Packages, even though I only only pushed and pulled my Docker image from within Actions. By the time I noticed I was being billed after a few hours, I had made it to about $15. This is a mistake, right?

The GitHub Packages page says “All data transfer is unlimited within Actions.”

It depends on how you use Packages. If you directly push and pull your packages from within your workflow, it should be unlimited. If you (also) push/pull it from other places, it may require payment. As the Packages page puts it:

All data transfer is unlimited within the GitHub Actions experience.
Data transfers from local or third-party clients may require payment.

If you’re only pushing and pulling from within your Actions workflow, I’d contact GitHub support directly so they can sort this out and credit your account.

That was my understanding. I haven’t authenticated any clients outside of Actions and I contacted support when I saw the bill, so hopefully GitHub will be able to correct the error. 

Thank you for the feedback!

have you tried to ask for private github support from below link?

Yes, I did like five days ago. It’s frustrating because my bill keep getting higher and higher, since the thing about continuous integration is that it’s continuous.

Sorry for this, in this case, please stop the workflow to avoid further billing firstly, and wait for the support team to check.

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