Getting Authentication error in github


I am facing problem when i try to download the github repo. I am getting authentication error when i try to download the repo

Cloning into ‘drivers.gpu.debug.end2end.compute-triage-tool’…
Username for ‘’: sobintho
Password for ‘’:
remote: Invalid username or password.


I am able to login to the github on windows. But failing for command prompt

Are you using a Personal Access Token (PAT) when asked for the password? Your web password will not work for Git over HTTPS and API access.


Thanks for response, i have created the token but when i try to read i am getting below error

remote: and try your request again.
fatal: unable to access ‘’: The requested URL returned error: 403

Does your token have the right scope? The repo scope should be sufficient for cloning, in case you want to push changes to Actions workflow files later you’ll also need the workflow scope. See also: Available scopes.