Getting a list of User Projects using GraphQL

I’ve submitted a support ticket about this about a week ago and haven’t received a response since. I was hoping maybe someone in the community can help me. I’m trying to build a github app and in order to finish the app I need to be able to get a user’s projects, however whenever I try either using REST API v3 or GraphQL v4 I get an error that says “Resource not accessible by integration.” What’s the point of putting the projects permission on read/write if I can’t even view projects by a user. Some assistance would be very appreciated as I’ve been on this issue for over 3 weeks.

Welcome to GitHub Support Community, @ajidevelop!

We’re sorry no one has replied to you in that support ticket (…yet!), though I want to call this out as a great question to ask. Our documentation for listing a user’s projects would seem to suggest that it is enabled for GitHub Apps, though it’s not clear which GitHub App permissions are required to do so. I’ve reached out to our engineers working on the Projects API for their input and will follow up here once I hear more from them. :bowing_man:

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Thank you for the reply and I look forward to hearing back from you.

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