Getting a 404 error on my page

I’ve looked for solutions however, I can’t seem to find anything that works for me. I’ve created the repository and double checked to make sure that an index.html file exists with the correct documentation, but when I open my page, I still get the 404 error (index.html file doesn’t seem to be working). Any help would be appreciated! Here’s the link to my repo:

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I think it’s because your repo is called instead of


Since your main repository is already, then the other repositories does not need that in the title. Instead, you only need what you want after the / in your web address. So if you want, then the repository name has to be “hangman”. Looking at your account, you already created a repository with the name “hangman” with the same code as the repository you linked in this post. I also tried going to the url, and the reason it might not work is because in the “hangman” repository, most likely, you do not have github pages activated. To do this, you simply have to go to the “Settings” tab of your “hangman” repository, and find GitHub Pages. Then make the source to “master” or “gh-pages”, whichever one you used in repository. Then it should work.


I have enabled github pages by making source as gh-pages. Still  I am getting 404 error. This github repository is a private repository.

Check if your master has multiple repositaries…

if multiple repositaries try