Getting 403 Forbidden for github user page which uses React

I have created an application using create-react-app. Then I executed npm run build based on the instructions but it creats the build in a branch called gh-pages. But since github user page build from master I moved the contents of gh-pages to master here -

I also added the CNAME but I am no longer able to access my page. I moved the react source code to a different branch called source -

My URL (not working) is - or

My DNS is working fine as I check on

I feel like I am missing something trivial.

You can reach your website via the lowercase version of the URL: It’s generally considered a best practice to use all lowercase in URLs, so we convert it for you. If your DNS is pointing to the uppercase version, you may want to change it so that it points to the correct URL.

Let us know if you have more questions.