Get reviewers, assignee from Github Enterprise

If someone can help me to find a way to get information from Github Enterprise to JIRA. JIRA is already integrated with Github Enterprise (self-hosted) using DVCS. Trigger is also added into workflow (so when branch merged to other branch) jira issue transit to next state. I can see under development tab - author, reviewer name, commit comment.

My query - I want to pull reviewers name from Github to JIRA issue custom field. I am unable to do so since past 1 month.

Hi @rpandyaArlo,
According to this document:
Events from Bitbucket and GitHub Enterprise are processed via the DVCS connector in Jira. The DVCS connector processes events from Bitbucket and GitHub Enterprise via two synchronization mechanisms: a webhook-triggered synchronization and a scheduled synchronization.
The webhook payload for pull request event include a requested_reviewers node. You could get the reviewers’ name here.
There is an example for requested_reviewers section :
reviewer name

Hello Yanjingzhu,

Thank you for this information. That helps me lot. I am stuck with how to get those values and update custom field in JIRA.
DVCS is already configured. When branch merged in github issue can also transit to other state (trigger is added into workflow).


Sorry for the delay response.
The GitHub pull request event webhook payload could be sent to JIRA through webhook. There is a blog for adding webhook for github repo:
And you could consider using JIRA REST API to update JIRA issue fields.
As I am not an expert of JIRA, I could just provide some suggestion not a complete solution.