Get PR number from GH Actions webhook

Hey there,
I’m wondering whether it’s possible to get PR number from GH Actions (check_run & check_suite) webhooks payload?

I need this in order to post the comment using API when my workflow finishes.

At the moment for my PR: w by tadjik1 · Pull Request #2 · js-tasks-ru/nodejs-20210315_sergey-zelenov · GitHub

I get empty pull_requests array for both actions.

    "pull_requests": [


ok, I found this in doc:

Note: The Checks API only looks for pushes in the repository where the 
check suite or check run were created. Pushes to a branch in a forked 
repository are not detected and return an empty pull_requests array.

then my next question: is there any way to link check_run/check_suite with actual PR from fork?


Did you manage to solve this problem?

The only solution I was able to find is to create my own custom notification inside GH Actions. In this notification, you can pass PR numbers and any other meta information w/o any limits.

how did you do it ? Do you have an example?