Get notified of ALL commits to ALL branches of a repo?

GH automatically issues notifications about new issues and pull requests (if you set up notifications) but I want to keep finer-grained understanding over activity across branches. I could see some ability to manually get a digest but really I just want to get notifications of commits made across our repo. In a perfect world, an email grouping commits by branch each day but I’d take an email-per-commit if it was easy.

Do I need to look into hooks, or API access or what? I don’t think GH supports this natively but maybe there are some tools or scripts out there already?


Hi @jdx-john,

I would definitely recommend looking into setting up webhooks for the events that you are interested in. This will allow you to have the finest grain of control as GitHub will send a payload on each event to a server that you configure to then process them and do whatever you want with that information. You could create a dashboard, set up automated jobs, or get an email digest every day.

Hope that’s helpful!

Requiring that I configure my own server in order to do something as basic as get email notices for commits is quite disappointing.  (Part of my initial motivation for using Github in the first place was so I could stop maintaining my own servers.)

As the manager/lead developer on a project with a number of committers, I need to see every commit made to the repository.  Deprecating web services in favor of github apps makes sense, but some key functionality is getting left behind in the process.


I couldn’t agree more. Email notifications are essential. I cannot believe this feature has been removed.

Now I have to find a solution that uses webhooks and set it up and maintain it on my own servers.

The thing is, I have not found a solution. Does anyone know of one or is there another service out there that can take our github repository activity and send emails about it?

I was hoping Gitter was an option since they will list the activities of a repository but they only notifiy of new messages from other users and not any repository activities.

Has anyone found anything that can help?

Does anyone have a solution?


Hi @kientzle and @esilverstrike,

Thank you both for this feedback. We’re always working to improve GitHub, and we consider every suggestion we receive. I’ve logged your feedback internally. Though I can’t guarantee anything or share a timeline for this, I can tell you that it’s been shared with the appropriate teams for consideration.


Here’s another vote in favor of this.  I was using the now-deprecated services service to forward to my email list but now that will be going away and there isn’t any non-trivial replacement as far as I can tell, and requiring people to configure their own webserver for such a basic task really seems unreasonable.  I ended up subscribing the RSS / Atom feed to an RSS-to-email service, but it has a long latency (1 hour) and sends me ads (or else I have to pay!).  It seems like this would be a really widely appreciated feature – following the commits of a project you are actively collaborating on is essential!  And having a major lag in those notifications significantly reduces the benefit – I don’t know much about this but even doing whatever it takes to add the push notificiation thing to the Atom / RSS feed would help a lot, so they don’t have to poll…  Thank you,

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I agree with the rest of the replies. Deprecating such a basic thing is pretty annoying. I use GitHub so I don’t have to manage my own server and that includes sending emails on push notifications.

This is particulary annoying since I pay a monthly fee.

If I have to setup a my own server I might as well not pay to use GitHub any longer.


I implemented a solution using a Google App Script Web App to parse a push event and format it in an email to send to the same distribution list I had previously setup.

Unfortunately Google does not allow their web apps to access the headers of the event so it is not possible to verify the secret key using this implementation.

Would it be possible to encode the key into the payload data instead of in the header?

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Also very keen on a solution to this.  Do let me know if anyone finds anything that is easy to set up and will push emails out for every commit to a repo.



It does seem unreasonable that I have to learn about webhooks and set up a server, smtp etc just to get an email about pushes to a repo.  I get it that webhooks are a replacement for services, but there should be a way to get these notifications that is as easy to set up as before - check a box and specify an email address.  GH already does this for other events (Pull requests, Issues, etc.) - why is it not possible to just add Push events to this list?  It’s annoying to have such an essential feature removed without an easy-to-use replacement.


Hey @jdx-john@eSilverStrike@kientzle@constructivetim,

You can use to create a bot in less then 5 minutes that will automatically send you an email on every new commit or push in your repository.

Here is a “How To” video on Youtube:

How to Create a Bot That Will Send You an Email When You Commit to GitHub - zzBots

Hope this helps!