Get JWS having a GitHub App


I need to make calls to the GitHub API as an APP, so I set up a GitHub APP on my account.

So now I have the app id and key secret.

I need to retrieve the JWS token so I can authenticate on the calls.

I read this section of the documentation:

but I only see an example that apply for Ruby.

For example, I need to know the URL to make the callout so I can get the JWS token.

Does anyone knows how to retrieve a JWS token?



It’s probably best to use a library to do this for whatever language you’re using. What language or framework are you intending to use to develop your GitHub App?

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@lee-dohm Thanks for the reply, finally I could figure out how to make the JWT token:

 My problem was that I was ommiting the specification of the claim “iat” that specifies the date that the token was requested.

The json of the header is the follow:

“iat”: 1234567890,
“exp”: 1516239022,
“iss”: “123456”

iat is an integer representing the actual date

exp is the expiration date of the token

iss is the app id of the GitHub App



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