Get installation ID with GraphQL

The V3 REST API has an endpoint that allows an authenticated GitHub App to find its installation ID for a given repository.

GET /repos/:owner/:repo/installation

Is there a way to do this using the V4 GraphQL API? It seems this might not be possible currently.

Alternatively, it would be nice to be able to fetch the installation ID using a repo node id, rather than an “owner + repo” combination.

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Hi @rtsao,

Thanks for being here! Thanks a lot for your question, you correct as far as I know, there’s no equivalent for in the GraphQL API yet. I agree that would be useful, so I’ll pass this along to the team to consider for the future.

Thanks again!

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Hi Team,
How do I get installations with graphql api ? Like this v3 api do :

I need the installation ids for other operation.


Hey @bluedusk o/

Unfortunately, as Andrea mentioned above, this is still true. There is no equivalent in GraphQL as there is in REST.

However since then, we’ve created this feedback form:

…which gets reviewed directly by our PM team. I would highly recommend you submit via that form to add your voice to this request!