Get Focused - Code to Cloud check-in

This week is GitHub InFocus, our week-long event on how to run your business at the speed of GitHub. All week GitHub will be hosting sessions about how we–and companies across the industry–use GitHub to accelerate our business’ speed, ensure business-critical apps stay secure, and improve our DevOps workflows to keep our organization lean. Here’s a few sessions that I’m looking forward to listening into this week:

InFocus Keynote

GitHub CEO, Thomas Dohmke, introduces InFocus and shares a peek inside the future of GitHub. We’ll also hear from our SVP of Product, Matthew McCullough, and Principal Solutions Engineer, Kevin Alwell, on the latest from inside of GitHub’s product organization.

Security at the speed of GitHub

Join this interactive roundtable with Derek Chowaniec, Application Security Executive at GitHub, and Colin Dembovsky, Field Solutions Engineer at GitHub, to learn all about how GitHub Advanced Security can secure your application deployments without impeding your speed.

From challenges to solutions: building a DevOps powerhouse

An interactive discussion on the challenges of building a lean DevOps workflow. Join businesses across the industry to discuss the problems and solutions they face when building out their DevOps processes.

Propelling your DevOps to new heights

Senior Technical Advocate at GitHub, John Peck, and Principal Solutions Engineer at GitHub, Glenn Wester, host this interactive discussion on best practices and techniques on rolling out successful DevOps workflows in enterprise environments.

That’s all for this time! If you’re planning to attend any of these sessions, or any of the others on offer, I’d love to hear what you think about them down below.