Get email notifications for new pr's and new issues on my github repo

How can I get email notifications when somebody opens an issue on a repository I own ? I have a small open source plugin I manage, and when a user reports an issue, or send a PR, it’s important for me to be notified of it.

I can’t seem to find any setting that will allow me to setup an email for my repo. I am able to configure email notifications for existing issues, but this is not what I need.

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Getting notified of activity in your repositories is what the watch functionality is for. Any new issue or PR that is created will generate a notification. You can also configure “watch” notifications to generate an email or web notification, or both.

I hope that helps!


Hi! Following the link you provided I’ve found: “You automatically watch all repositories that you create and are owned by your user account.” But this does not happen for me. I never get notifications of new PRs and issues for the repositories I personally created.


It only turns on the “watch” flag for repositories you create after you set the option. If you want to watch repositories you’ve created in the past, you’ll have to go to them and click the Watch button.

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