Get artifact URL in steps after upload-artifact


In a Github Actions job, after an upload-artifact step, I would like to get the URL of the published artifact in a subsequent step.

The idea is a job using the following steps:

  • Build a binary.
  • Upload the binary as artifact.
  • Trigger a REST API in some Web server, passing the URL of the artifact in a POST parameter, so that the remote server can download the artifact.

How would you get the URL of the artifact in a subsequent step?

I know that there is an Actions API currently in development. But, here, the question is about passing information from the upload-artifact step to the next step.

Thanks for your help.


At the moment upload-artifact does not have any outputs.  However, we are working on a v2 of the action that will be open source as well as the actions API that will go into beta today.  Please feel free to file a suggestion on to add an output for the artifact URL to the action.


Bumping the topic as it doesn’t seems to have outputs on upload-artifact action recent versions

@chrispat upload-artifact v2 is out. Is there a way to do this now?

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2022 checking in. There are some complicated solutions on StackOverflow, but something properly supported (and less brittle) would be greatly appreciated.