get action job id

is it possible to retreive the action job id?

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Not today.  As part of launching our API later this month you will be able to do that.


Hi, do you have updates to get the action job id?

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Would it be available via context variable to access within the job itself?

GITHUB_RUN_ID is available as an environment variable.

In the github context, you can get this with github.run_id.

Here are the docs:

I’m afraid that the value has been asked for is “job id” not RUN_ID.

Below is a sample return from a Github API:

  "total_count": 3,
  "jobs": [
      "id": 520876130,
      "run_id": 59355962,

However, I noticed that there’s a new github.job context variable to return “job id”

Still, it’s not the same from the API, but i guess it would work for context of the question

Is there any update on the status of having access to the job_id and/or check_run_id (the same, as I understand it).