Get a list of installed OAuth Apps and their Permissions


I have OAuth App restrictions enabled on my org. As an owner, only I can approve approve OAuth App installations. Using the below GraphQL query, I could get the list of approved OAuth Apps in my org. 

query {
	organization(login:"adbe-helloworld") {
    auditLog (first:10, query:"action:org.oauth_app_access_approved") {
      edges {
        node {
          ... on OrgOauthAppAccessApprovedAuditEntry {
              ... on Actor {

My question is, is it possible to get the permissions/scopes of the installed OAuth Apps? I couldn’t find any object or interface related to permissions/scopes. 

Hi @krishnachirumamilla,

Thank you for being here! I see our folks at private support answered this for you and will share the response here as it might help someone else in the future! Thanks again for posting.

Currently, not all Audit Log entries are exposed in the GraphQL schema and listing your organization's installations through GraphQL API v4 is not yet supported.

We have an internal issue open on expanding the GraphQL audit log schema to cover additional events. While I cannot say when or if these changes will be made, I'd suggest keeping an eye on the GitHub Changelog for related updates.
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