German translation

On Chrome for Android you support the german language. But there’s a translation issue. sign up and sign in can be both translated into german with the verb anmelden. This is what you did. It’s translated correctly. No issue with that! :slightly_smiling_face:

But you’ll end up with two buttons saying Anmelden. Just they’re formatted differently. That’s confusing! :thinking:

You should use the german verb registrieren if you mean sign up in the sense of creating a new account and the german verb anmelden if you mean sign in in the sense of logging on.

I never noticed this issue because I’m using the english interface. But my girlfriend prefers to use the german translation.

Greetings from Vienna


Hi Oliver! :wave: Welcome to the Community!

Do you mean the GitHub web interface? We only provide an English version, so if you’re seeing a translated version , it’s due to a Chrome plugin you’re using, or some other auto-translation your end.

I’m afraid we have no control over how such third party services translate the site, sorry!

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OK! I see.
So close this issue,please.
Regards Oliver

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Yes I mean the web interface. Just to clarify.