Generic build error - more info?

I updated my workflow to use Azure Pipelines to trigger docfx builds yesterday. As a result it pushes changes automatically to /docs but now my page build fails with just

“Your site is having problems building: Page build failed”


How can I get more information on what’s wrong?


Hey @pardeike,

Thanks for being here! Would you mind contacting us at and we’ll take a look.

Thanks for replying. I wonder though why such a basic question cannot be answered here in the forum. What’s the point of a forum if you need to contact ppl by email/form anyway?

Andreas Pardeike

Hey @pardeike,

My apologies for the lack on the context in the reply, at first look, there is no reason your build should be failing, I suspect this will require troubleshooting by a supportocat and didn’t want to delay you getting the help you needed. Additionally, an user here with a similar workflow might be able to chime in.