Generic 7" touch screen for raspberry pi 2b not working

I’ve searched my fingers to the bone and am at my wits end. I’ve acquired several 7" LCD touch screens that are run by the raspberry pi 2 b. They each have a proprietary program on them that ran a sintering oven. I would like to use this set up for other projects. however, when i put in say, and SD card from an existing project (i.e. retropie from arcade) the display does not turn on. I’ve tried a new formatted installation of noobs, windows 10, raspian. All i get is a black screen with anything other than the proprietary program. I’ve confirmed the other SD cards will boot using a desktop hdmi monitor. I’m thinking it has something to do with the config file maybe? perhaps someone would be kind enough to take interest and help me out. I’m really new to this stuff and am slowly learning as i go. Thank you in advance. 

This is the configuration file from the sd card of the proprietary software that works with the display. one extra thing that i noticed when i ran this sd card on my computer monitor is that it displays upside down. 

]( "Config")