GDCdownload error in TCGAbiolinks


 I was analysing triple negative breast cancer data sets using TCGAbiolinks. I get the following error while running GDCdowload function in Rstudio.

> GDCdownload(query = queryDown, method = “api”,directory = “multiomics”, files.per.chunk = 200)
Downloading data for project TCGA-BRCA
GDCdownload will download: 1.844745499 GB
Executing GDC client with the following command:
C:\Users\Febin\DOCUME~1\MULTIO~1\GDC-CL~1.EXE download -m gdc_manifest.txt
Error in move(i, file.path(path, i)) :
I could not find the file: 95a5d709-7454-4f76-84b0-a505c32baeb5

Could anyone help please? Thanks in advance.

Hi @febinfawaz

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Thank you so much for your prompt response.  Any updates from the Project Development Help and Advice Team? Do I need to do anything in this scenario?


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Thank you for the clarification. I shall await the response.