Hello, I am probably so far from where I need to be to get help or an answer to my question but here goes. I am not wanting to develop a game I merely would like to find out if there is something I can do to stop a game I LOVE from freezing up when I open & play it. Its Mr & Mrs Tarzan. Also I downloaded Rolling with Katamari and right when Ive almost won the Rockin & Rollin level and getting to check point 3 the game freezes and displays an item Ive rolled up ex: couch, plant, and I have to exit and start all over. I dearly love J2ME loader and most games play fine but my 2 favorite games have the issues referenced above. Can anyone help me?
Thank you SO MUCH!!

Hi @jnlawler,

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This problem you have to update the game. As well as regularly monitoring the earliest game update pages such as CoiMobile, … to avoid losing or interrupting the game.