.fwc files

I don’t know if i chose right a right place for this post, if not, let me know.


I wanted to reverse engineer my rgb keyboard (Sharkoon sgk3) software to create custom lights effects (i know there is a tool for it already provided but it is very poor compared to default light modes).

I noticed export and import option which makes .fwc files and i have no clue how to decrypt them , and i didnt find any tutorial in the internet.

Binwalk doesnt return anything

and Binwalk -I returns:

4216 0x1078 VxWorks symbol table, big endian, first entry: [type: function, code address: 0x0, symbol address: 0x0],

You can download the files here :


def.fcw and sec.fcw are basically the same but sec.fcw was exported after i made some changes in the software 

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