Future steps still running after previous ones failed


The “Install Qt” step on Update packages.yml · mitchcurtis/slate@326d6d4 · GitHub should fail due to install-qt.sh not existing, but it doesn’t, even though pipefail is apparently set by default:


Context and expression syntax for GitHub Actions - GitHub Docs says:

You can use the following status check functions as expressions in if conditionals. A default status check of success() is applied unless you include one of these functions.

The docs for success say:

Returns true when none of the previous steps have failed or been canceled.

So why didn’t the Install Qt step fail?


The log for the “Install Qt” step in your workflow says this:

  shell: /bin/bash -e {0}

So I’m wondering if pipefail really is enabled, regardless of what the docs say. Maybe try adding set -o pipefail in the step and see if it makes a difference? And if it does I fear it’s time for a bug report. :sweat_smile:

Thanks, adding set -o pipefail before running the scripts made the rest fail:

Where do I go to submit a bug report?

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Probably GitHub - github/docs: The open-source repo for docs.github.com or GitHub - actions/runner: The Runner for GitHub Actions, depending on whether you consider it a bug in the documentation or the runner implementation. :wink:

Created pipefail not set by default · Issue #1212 · actions/runner · GitHub.