Future date in commits ? please explain

       Hi, how commit date can, be a future date?

Committed on 1 Jan 2049? How’s this possible, please explain, it will be helpful !

Thanks in advance to you :sunflower:

Someone from the future tried to prevent a bug who would otherwise destroy the earth in the near future?

Or it’s a just a usual bug. Then you can report it to GitHub directly: Share feedback - GitHub Support

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This, screen shot is taken, by me, when Facebook is down :roll_eyes: , Does Facebook have time machine??? :joy:

Thanks for reply @Zerotask

I don’t think its a bug, you can commit to future dates.

The person making those commits has either set their system clock to the future, or by explicitly setting the commit date. https://stackoverflow.com/a/29927568


Thanks @katsute , let me try that, thing


Welcome to the community, @SAM0-0–glad to have you here! Do let us know what you find out about this future commit :slight_smile:

Kudos to @Zerotask and @katsute for jumping in :smiley_cat:

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