Function and paste

Hello , I have literally plugged awy at this for hours. and I know it shouldn’t be this difficult. I am trying to answer the question

Telegrams used to be peppered with the words START and STOP in order to

demarcate the beginning and end of sentences. Write a function below called

telegram that formats sentences for telegrams.

For example the expression telegram("Good", "morning") should evaluate to:

“START Good morning STOP”… as part of the course…

I have written:

telegram <- function(…) {
paste(c(‘START’, ‘Good’, ‘morning’, ‘STOP’), collapse = ’ ')

which returns in my console telegram()
[1] “START Good morning STOP”
…so I think I have done it correct … BUT… .when I next type in SUBMIT() to go back to my class in SWIRL, I get …

| Sourcing your script…

| Not quite, but you’re learning! Try again.

| Remember that arguments can come after …

… I am lost at this point… I have the code saved in the file/folder , so I am at a loss.

Help , please :frowning:

Sincere thanks

Hi @vernonxt,

It looks like it wants you to pass Good and morning into the function (rather than hard code them into the response?)

Perhaps the test of your submission is testing that with the hint about more arguments?

For example what happens if you call telegram("good","bye") or even telegram("good","morning","world!")

Just a hunch.