Full list of all available Markdown options

I was wondering, if there is a page, repository or similar with a complete (and I mean complete) list of all Markdown features GitHub offers, being it direct markdown features (formatting) or GitHub-only features (links to commits/SHA refernces)

The only pages I found are https://guides.github.com/features/mastering-markdown/ and https://github.com/adam-p/markdown-here/wiki/Markdown-Cheatsheet

The first one only lists the basic features GitHub provides and the second one does this too with some small alterations and additions.

There are quite a few features that are missing from the page and are never mentioned anywhere.

For example did I randomly discover that you can put a hex color code in inline code to then display a small icon next to it.


Additionally does the markdown page display outdated(?) formatting? Like f.e. does an ordered list with an intend unordered list (no longer) work with just two spaces and requires three/four spaces.

Tl;dr The cheatsheet misses a lot of useful information that people might wanna use when opening issues or creating wiki pages, which is sad.

So I hope there is an actual page containing all (known) markdown and GH-markdown features to use.

Hi @andre601, Thanks for being here! And thanks for your feedback, I’ve taken your suggestion and passed it along to the appropriate teams.  Meanwhile, here is a link to an unofficial guide a user put together, it might help.


I went ahead and also made my very own version of useful GitHub (markdown) features, which also includes stuff that isn’t mentioned on the page you linked.

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