Free tier does not reset

I received a notification that I’ve used 75% of my spending limit for GitHub Actions.

> To ensure your service isn’t disrupted, make sure you increase your monthly spending limit.

It looks like my free tier has not been reset.

Do I need to update my spending limits to continue using GitHub Actions in my private repository?

Payment history:


Hi @technote-space,

Yes, please follow the highlighted message to update spending limit.

For accounts that have reached the included usage for the current billing period for GitHub Actions or GitHub Packages, both GitHub Actions and GitHub Packages will be disabled to prevent any further overages.

Please check the billing doc here for the details.



Thank you for your reply.

I understood that “-7 days” is the correct behavior and the free tier will not reset.


I read the page.

> Minutes reset every month, while storage usage does not.

Does this not apply to all users?

Hi @technote-space ,

It applies to all users. For private repositories, each GitHub account receives a certain amount of free minutes and storage(storage not reset every month), the spending minutes means you expand the default $0 with the ‘overages’, and you have used more than 75% of it. Please refer to the About spending limits for GitHub Actions for more details.

It’s recommended to update the spending limit since your action service could be discrupted by all spending limit consumed. Or course, you can also decrese the service use and make sure it will not consume all spending limit minutes before free minutes reset.

After downgrading to free and switching to yearly billing, this strange issue disappeared.

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