Framework selection for building HybridApp

Hello all, I’m a newbie in this community, and honestly registered here to ask an important question before starting my journey through building app. I’m a civil engineer and looking for a framework allowing me to build a hybrid app related to my specialized area. I have very very limited knowledge in programming languages, can be said that no :slight_smile:

I read several articles comparing different frameworks in terms of building HybridApp, but not sure that which one is the suitable for my case.

Let me also barely touch on the purpose of the app that I’m planning to create.

  • Users can fill the form that is created automatically, type of form is completely up to selections done by users.
  • This form may have some procedures which are forced users applying them during filling process. For example; you need to fill one of the cell in the form after 5 minutes passed. Similar example is shared in the following picture.

I am kindly requesting your supports on deciding which framework I need to use for building an hybrid app outlines, and principles of which are mentioned above.