Framework for a control panel

Hello all,

This is my first post on github, always found it quite daunting as I am an amateur in coding but spent the last 8h looking for an answer without finding anything suitable. I learned basics of coding back in 2010 and have since chosen to depend on pre-existing frameworks to manage websites - such as Wordpress.
However, I want to change things up a little bit. Recently I got myself a NAS and realized I can host a little website on it. As I am trying to start a small video production company with a bunch of my friends, I realized it would be good to organize ourselves, without the need to depend purely on social media, or the actual website hosted on a server with shared hosting. 

So I want to have a website which would prompt you for login details, essentially a backend control panel, without the need to use front end at all. Functionality that is really important to me is reliable user authentification, ability to search across content, user and content management. The control panel would feature pages such as: a dashboard with some core information and embeded bits (e.g. Discord embed), a simple FAQ page, a list of equipment using a separate PHP script, list of assets for download and a list of articles with useful information. A nice addition would be the ability to have a chat-like box with a changelog. An important aspect of it would be to have a simple division between the admin profile and member profile - admin could edit, while members could only view the content, without the ability to edit. 

Now, this probably seems super simple. I have gone through CMS solutions available now, such as Sulu or Pagekit (built on Symfony), a few different projects based on Laravel, the Cockpit CMS, Automad CMS or Bludit CMS. I am happy to learn myself in terms of bringing myself up to date with tools available now and building those bits from scratch or using already pre-existing bits of code online. But perhaps some of you have gone through all this hussle and know that there is a path already well travelled that would help me, a poor amateur, to get to the aim without going gray in the process. 

Please, if you have any questions - do ask. Any help will be much appreciated.