[FR] Preview API missing a consolidated accept media table


I’m looking forward to having an API wrapper for my GitHub Apps framework.

There’s a subset of APIs which have a preview status and require an extra Accept header with a specific value passed there in order to be able to access them.

I want to abstract this from my library users. So that they could do calls like github_api_client.post(’/some/api/endpoint’) without having to specify the preview key explicitly (e.g. github_api_client.post(’/some/api/endpoint’, preview_api_version=‘machine-man’).

To achieve this I want to analyze URL they pass into HTTP query methods and automatically inject the corresponding Accept header.

The only problem is that there’s no single place in docs listing the whole mapping of endpoints to their preview values.

So I’d like to have some way to retrieve this information. At least having a consolidated table in docs should help.

But the better way would be having this posted in a machine-readable format (or maybe another API endpoint?).

What do you think?

Hi @webknjaz,

Thanks for reaching out! And thanks for the feedback! I’ve taken your suggestion and passed it along to the appropriate teams and will post any updates on this thread.

UPD: got some pointers here https://github.com/sanitizers/octomachinery/issues/7