[FR] Please add "paths"/"codeFlows" to Alert information


It’s possible to get a list of code scanning alerts (Code scanning - GitHub Docs).

Currently information about alert does not contain about “paths” (as seen on github web) or “codeFlows” (as it is called in sarif file).

Could you please add this information to the data returned from API?

Thank you.

Hey @pkruk2 thank you so much for this post in our Community! Thank you also for your feature request suggestion.

Though for the best results, I would highly recommend submitting your suggestion via this form:

This gets delivered directly to our PM teams for review and consideration. While not guaranteed to be implemented, it may also be interesting to follow along with our public roadmap, to see if your suggestion makes the cut, or if other features being released are important:

Thanks again!

Thanks, sent feedback.

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