FR: "Details" Link in commit status should be configurable to link to the public Log Artifact (HTML or TXT)

Hi we use github actions in kubernetes/minikube I have a feature request, I would like to be able to upload the log file artifacts to the commit status of each test,

Example PR that has both jenkins and gihtub acitons tests:

For Jenkins test we see:
Docker_Linux Jenkins: completed with success in 24.60 minute(s).


when people click on Details for Docker_Linux they will open this in a new tab

but in github acitons tests
so when people click on “Details”

  • they will be taken to the run that has 7-8 jobs
  • they will need to click on artifacts
  • they will need to pick the artifact they want to download
  • download and Unzip the artifact
  • open it locally in a browser
  • clean up the residue file on their desktop (if u open many test logs your desktop will be filled with many many zip files and extracted folders)
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Hi @medyagh,

Thank you for reaching this out!
Github Actions provide rest api to update the check run status, which can modify the details url, please check my answer in similar ticket here.

The only problem is the target URL not contains the same content as Jenkins.
Your idea is quite valuable! According to the policy, it’s recommended to raise a feature_request ticket here where github product manager will take a review.